Renewing Your Healthcare License? How to Choose the Best Continuing Education Provider

Education doesn't end when school ends. In fact, working professionals know that career success entails the willingness to be a lifelong student. In other words, if you're not learning, adapting, and growing, you're probably not as effective at your job as you need to be! If your career requires continuing education, it is essential to choose the best provider for your needs. Unfortunately, not all programs are created equal, and selecting the wrong one may be a massive waste of your time and money. Let's get into what you need to know about choosing the best continuing education providers!

Choose an Accredited Provider

Before selecting any course, you should always double-check to make sure your regulating board has approved it! That's because licensing boards have rigorous standards, and they want to guarantee all providers have the professionalism and expertise needed to teach you the course information. If the course isn't accredited, it may be rendered useless when renewing your license. That's a waste of your money! A competent provider provides all accreditation information. You shouldn't have to dig around or second-guess to determine if accreditation is a problem. Some accrediting agencies require that providers submit their courses for approval- you can ask if this is something your prospective provider does.  Many of them also submit the courses for accreditation on behalf of the student. For example, at CMEs Training, we handle the reporting of CEUs to the various medical boards monitoring the CEUs for each agency. This gives the student one less issue to worry about.

Consider the Provider's History

Unfortunately, it's easy for anyone to create a continuing education course. Many scammy companies exist, and they can create serious harm to the professionals they aim to serve. How long has the provider been in business? Do they have positive reviews? Have you been recommended to them by a trusted friend or colleague? What kind of cancellation or refund policies are in place? Remember that reputable companies work like reputable businesses. They are open and transparent regarding the work they provide, and they are willing to answer any questions you may have.

Learn About the Course Formats

How does the provider teach specific courses? Will you need to attend a workshop or similar? Will the work be done entirely online? Do you have a specific preference or learning style for how you to retain information? Will you need additional time constraints? If so, is the provider able to accommodate these preferences or needs? Are the prices reasonable for what you will receive? How do they compare to other providers on the market? Do you receive the course material ahead of time? Did you feel prepared for the exam before taking it? Keep in mind that reputable companies have manageable and personal class sizes. Whether the course is in-person or virtual, you should have access to hands-on training and individualized support.

Check Out the Course Content

After determining what accreditation you need, it's time to browse through the course catalog. Some employers or licensing boards require specific courses in their continuing education curriculum. Others allow their students to choose elective classes. Some require a mix-and-match approach. Does the provider offer the courses you need? Does the curriculum look interesting to you? Will you be learning information that is pertinent to your line of work? It's usually easiest to choose one provider for all your continuing education classes. Some providers will provide a discount for lumping courses together. Moreover, if you like a particular instructor, there is a good chance that they teach other classes in the program!

Learn About Your Instructors

Speaking of instructors, who is going to be teaching your course? Are you attending a live seminar or participating in an online module? What kind of communication will you be having with the instructor? You want instructors who have expertise in their careers. After all, they should have a thorough understanding in what they're teaching! Ideally, they have both applicable work history and teaching experience. Moreover, you also want instructors who deliver the information with professionalism. Just because someone is an expert in the field does not guarantee they will be fit for teaching. Are the instructors approachable and personable? Do they make themselves available for questions and feedback? Do you feel like you will leave the course learning something new?

Distinguish Customer Satisfaction

After completing a course, you should always receive an evaluation for the program. This evaluation allows you to provide feedback to both the instructor and the provider. Reputable companies use this information to improve their programs. You should take these evaluations seriously. Was the course information communicated thoroughly? Were the instructors competent in teaching you what you needed to learn? Finally, you will also have the chance to review the provider itself. This review may entail questions related to customer service, management of fees, and other questions related to problem-solving. Remember that a good provider wants to work with its students. If something didn't work out for you, speak up! This is your money and your education, and you deserve to receive the results you want.

Final Thoughts on Choosing the Best Continuing Education Provider

The best continuing education provider has superior instructors, dynamic courses, and guarantees its work. A competent provider encompasses both professionalism and passion for the line of work they specialize in. As a working professional, you don't have the time or money to waste on shady programs. At CMEs Training, we recognize and honor the importance of lifelong learning, and we have an extensive variety of courses suitable for your profession's needs. Check out we can offer for you today! CMEs also created a companion video for this article.

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